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Your club is most important!!

Every Lions Club represents a group of individuals committed to a safer and better world in the future.

This goal could be attained in many ways: through building better understanding between diverse cultural and ethnic groups, providing opportunities for leadership to the youth, helping them imbibe values of community service, building a sustainable planet, assisting with health and well being.

I have been asked a simple question: we can serve on our own, so why do we need to be a member of a Lions Club?

The question may appear baffling initially. But on slightly deeper introspection, my counter-question is: how many people have you seen regularly engaged with some form of community service all alone? The answer is: Not many do that. No doubt, there could be some exceptions; and in that case, exceptions only prove the rule. Groups always help in binding individuals for a cause, they are self inspiring; rotation of leadership eases pressure on all members; they serve multiple purposes, including providing an opportunity for social interaction and sharpening social skills; and ultimately, even a small input from an ordinary citizen adds up to a massive total. Imagine that when every lion provides even USD 50 for service, we end up with USD 70 million!! That’s the power of groups; that’s the power of Lions International.

When we say proudly that we planted more than 10 million trees in a year, or when we have served over 50 million through eye care programs or served more than 20 million meals during the pandemic, those are all truths!

That has been possible because we have 50,000 clubs committed to service from the heart. Your club, and my club, are both parts of that pool (rather a sea) of 50,000 clubs. Be proud of your club, and do continue to nurture it. Only you can do it, no one from the outside can do that. This is the individual and collective responsibility of the members.

You take care of your club, I shall take care of my club; let’s spread this message to every Lion. If we can just take care of two clubs - yours and mine - all clubs will be taken care of. And the Association will become even stronger. Every club basically helps multiply the overall contribution that Lions make.

Your club is most important!!


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Jubli Sen
Jubli Sen
Feb 11, 2022

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