Service Challenge

On the occasion of IP Doug Alexander's birthday, we have a special gift for him - the gift of service from the heart! ❤️ Feeding the hungry has always inspired IP Doug Alexander, so let us all come together to serve our community as we commemorate his birthday!

It is not about feeding one or a hundred - we can do as much as we can - but in the week preceding the birthday of IP Doug Alexander let us go out and feed at least one person who needs nourishment. Join Team #APforVP for a service challenge from 10th to 18th October, 2021. Help in relieving hunger, one person at a time!

"One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference."
You, as an individual, can take a step to end hunger by participating in this hunger relief service challenge. To participate, feed the needy and report your activity on MyLion using the hashtags #APforVP #APServiceChallenge.

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