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International Roles


• Served as International Director (2004-06)

• Appointed to Board Committees (2007-08, 2009-10, 2017-18)

• Nominated to the LCIF Steering Committee (2009)

• Chaired two ad hoc committees formed by International Presidents (2004 and 2005)

• Experience on Finance and HeadQuarters Committee, Long Range Committee, Audit Committee, Membership Development Committee and Leadership Committee of LCI International Board

• Invited to LCI Forward group

• Served as Chairman for the Isaame Area Forum (2017)

• Assisted International Presidents during Area Forums in promoting their themes and programs in official  capacity (2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

• Served as Chairman of International Convention Rules of Procedure Committee (2015, 2016) and as Vice  Chairman Resolutions Committee (2019)

Membership Programs

Served on Global Membership team as:


  • International Coordinator (2009-10, 2014-17) GMT CA Leader (2010-14) 

  • Vice Chairman (2008-09) 

Worked with the Global Membership Team to accomplish highest membership growth in the last 30+  years recorded (2016-17, 2009-10 and 2007-08) 


Chaired Team 20 K (2007-08) and initiated the process of global membership plans  



Nominated as Task Force member for membership development in India (2019)


Leadership Development Programs

Photo _ 151024_1.jpg

• LCIP certified faculty

Served as a faculty at:
• 19 All India DGE/VDGE training seminars (2001-2018)

• 7 LCI Senior Lions Leadership Institutes, Emerging Lions Leadership Institutes, Faculty Development Institutes and LCIP Training (2002-2019)

• 30 Regional Leadership Institutes (in India, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal,  Lebanon 2001-2018): Learning from diverse and multi-national audiences

• LCI DGE Seminar: Chairperson (2007), Faculty (2012), and Special Presenter (2013)

• Collaborated with all groups of DGE Seminar for membership plan discussions along with incoming International Presidents (2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

• Anchored the first webinar of LCI with International President (2009)

• Organised first video conference with International President (including LCI associates) and Team 20K  leaders in 2007

• Trainer for LCI Pilot program for VDG orientation at CA level (2003)

• Initiated Regional Leadership Institutes in Isaame (2001)

• Instrumental in organising the Lions Rotary Panel discussion - an event which had more than 30,000  views, bringing together the incoming presidents of both these organisations to encourage collaboration


• Launched a series of episodes - Diversity in Service - with each episode dedicated to a specific cause,  showcasing how lions in all CAs work according to different cultures local needs for the same goal


• Fundraising to celebrate the 142nd birth anniversary of Melvin Jones, resulting in collection of USD  160,000 for Campaign 100

• Organised a talk show with the Honourable Health Minister, Government of India, to showcase the services provided to the communities during this challenging period by Lions Clubs in India

Lions Clubs International Foundation

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• Served as National/Multi-national Coordinator for Campaign SF II  

• Served as CA Leader for Campaign 100

International Travel


• Attended 19 international conventions, 60 Area Forums globally and 7 All Africa Conferences 


• Attended 5 Lions Days with UN

• Travelled across 63 countries, thereby having understanding of working in cross cultural groups


• Presented seminars at Area Forums in all CAs of the world

• Invited as Official Speaker at conventions in US, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, UK and Turkey, besides  11 countries in Africa and South Asia

Recognition & Contribution


• Awarded Ambassador of Goodwill and 20 International Presidents Medals

• Major donor for CSF II and Campaign 100, and member of LCIF Heritage Club

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