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Global Conventions

Lions Clubs International is spread over more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

Diversity is written large on the face of this organisation. We have often heard one size does not fit all. We need to develop local strategies; we need to think globally, act locally. All these words mean a lot, but the depth of what it actually implies in our organisation can be understood only if an individual travels to all parts of the world, spends time with the lions, visit the Lions clubs, understands their culture and the local differences, and then adapts one’s mind accordingly. It’s takes a long time to imbibe the global nature of the organisation. 


Over the last two decades, AP has travelled to 60 different area forums in all constitutional areas of the world. At such forums, he has made presentations to the lions, interacted with them and learnt about their preferences and perspectives. We take some things for granted, and there are others about which we may not even be aware. When we make presentations, we may use words that are difficult to translate into other languages. When we talk of the sign language, we may sometimes not even realise that even sign language is not universal; they too vary in different parts of the world. For anybody who is preparing to play the role of servant leader at the international level, these realisations are non negotiable. AP has invested time and energy in learning what it takes to wear the hat (or turban!!) of international approach. 


AP has attended 19 international conventions, and at nine of such conventions he has been asked to present seminars. These seminars essentially provides any leader an opportunity to interact with the lions of the world. 


Besides, when serving in various roles in the global membership team ( GMT), AP has had the opportunity of discussing intricate details and learning about cultural sensitivities, local challenges and opportunities in all parts of the world from the lion leaders of the respective constitutional areas. Further, AP has attended District and Multiple District conventions as an official speaker in 5 different constitutional areas of the world. 


Here is a snapshot:


• Attended 19 international conventions, 60 Area Forums globally and 7 All Africa Conferences 

• Attended 5 Lions Days with UN

• Travelled across 63 countries, thereby having understanding of working in cross cultural groups

• Presented seminars at Area Forums in all CAs of the world

• Invited as Official Speaker at conventions in US, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, UK and Turkey, besides 11 countries in Africa and South Asia

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