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Leadership Training

AP’s inclination and capacity to deliver leadership training was evident even before he was elected as district governor. He had been called upon to make presentations at All India School (AIS) of the District Governors elect and Vice District Governors (elect) before his governorship. 


AIS is the largest training programme at the district and multiple district level, involving all districts and MDs of India, after the DGE seminar at the international convention. 


The year he was Council Chairperson of MD 322 in 2001-02, he was invited to serve as the coordinator for the All India DGE and VDGE School. During this year, he introduced structural changes in the manner the training was conducted. Thereafter, he became a permanent part of the faculty of this annual event. 


In 2000, Lions Leadership Institute in ISAME was held with his involvement at Kolkata India, and in 2001, ISAME’s first Regional Lions Leadership Institute was organised by him. 


AP was appointed chairperson of LCI DGE seminar at the Chicago international convention in 2007, faculty for the first LCI Faculty Development Institute held at Addis Ababa, and was also a part of LCIP training Institute.


Here is a snapshot of his contributions to leadership development: 

• LCIP certified faculty

• Served as a faculty at:

• 19 All India DGE/VDGE training seminars (2001-2018)

• 7 LCI Senior Lions Leadership Institutes, Emerging Lions Leadership Institutes, Faculty Development Institutes and LCIP Training (2002-2019)

• 30 Regional Leadership Institutes (in India, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Lebanon 2001-2018): Learning from diverse and multi-national audiences 

• LCI DGE Seminar: Chairperson (2007), Faculty (2012), and Special Presenter (2013) 

• Collaborated with all groups of DGE Seminar for membership plan discussions along with incoming International Presidents (2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

• Anchored the first webinar of LCI with International President (2009)

• Organised first video conference with International President (including LCI associates) and Team 20K leaders in 2007

• Trainer for LCI Pilot program for VDG orientation at CA level (2003)

• Initiated Regional Leadership Institutes in Isaame (2001)

During his travels to Europe, more particularly Turkey, AP witnessed how the program for Young Lions leadership Institute was being nurtured and developed. He worked closely with his colleagues in his own MD to evolve a program for Lions who have been members for less than five years. This program is gradually now spreading to other multiple districts of India. 


During the pandemic, AP has again redefined the art and science of leadership development by use of technology for delivering need based training and motivation to lions in all parts of the world. The designs and platforms used by MD 322 (home MD of PID AP) have been appreciated and adapted by lions leadership from various parts of the works. In collaborating with the lions leaders globally, AP believes that he continues to learn, something he believes is significant for any person who wishes to remain contemporary. 


In all his initiatives, AP has always believed that teamwork delivers much more than any individual. AP believes that the credit for all that has been accomplished for innovative and need based methodologies does not belong to him alone. It belongs to all volunteer leaders who work together with the lions spirit. He has worked collaboratively with PID Sangeeta Jatia in developing Eastern India Lions Leadership Academy, which is a platform for the lions of the world to have conversations among themselves and to learn from each other. Various publications including the Members Handbook, Leadership Handbook, Speaking Cards have thus become possible. They were introduced in hardcopies decades ago, then shifted to the CD format, and are today available online. Lions from many parts of the world even today reach out for the annual updated versions of these documents and resource material. 


The series of webinars conducted in the recent past, including Diversity in Service and the open discussion between the incoming presidents of Lions Clubs International and Rotary International, are just a few examples.

DGE Seminars

Regional Institutes

Training Overseas

Virtual Trainings

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