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Serve to Lead


AP has been serving as the chairperson National Sight First Committee of India. The annual Sight First conclaves in India have become a regular feature on the Sight First calendar....Read more


Partnership with Special Olympics, Promoting Beyond Belief, Gold Underground and organizing debates between young adults from some of the top universities of the world, including those from Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, and Florida are some of the youth projects initiated by AP...Read more


During his governorship in the year 2000–01, AP built partnerships with large local business entities for to celebrate the oncoming millennium with hundred days of service activity. 

In his district AP initiated the Hearts that Care program...Read more



AP initiated an experimental programme of lions working with micro finance in a structured manner, and it’s success story was proudly presented to the lions of the world during the centennial convention at Chicago...Read more


AP coordinated a three year understanding with Akshay Patra Foundation which provides mid-day meals to over 1.5 million children on a daily basis in India....Read more


In collaboration with the lines of MD111 Germany, AP organised a joint service program for supply of environmental friendly stoves.  

The funding for RO plants had been coordinated with the efforts of AP...Read more


Diabetes prevention programs and Healthy lifestyle projects have been his favourite. He participated in a Virtual Walk held during the pandemic. 

An episode of Diversity in Service focused on different projects held around the globe to combat this dreaded disease...Read more

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