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Share till it hurts

These are words of Mother Teresa. She always spoke in simple words, but there was tremendous depth in every message she delivered.

When we started Campaign 100, I remember my trip to a district in Odisha. India. Some lions recounted their experience in a free eye surgery camp organised by them some years ago. They were surprised when a person, visibly under-nourished and in tattered clothes, approached them with a donation. He brought out ₹17 (that was much less than even a dollar, around 30 cents in those days). He was definitely subsisting below the poverty line, no doubt about that. He explained that he had been the beneficiary of free eye surgery the previous year, and he had then pledged to himself to contribute to the lions club to help them continue their good work. He had answered his spiritual call to read his social debt. The lions felt blessed to receive his donation.

Can you imagine how much it would have pained him to save even that small amount of ₹ 17? He had consciously undergone immeasurable anguish and agony in saving the amount he was offering. But since he had pledged to himself, it was important for him to redeem that pledge.

Friends, when we give, let’s ask ourselves: do we give till it hurts? That’s what I meant by saying that every word of Mother Teresa always carried a deeper message.

It’s said that much more is expected from those who have. We are soon approaching the conclusion of Campaign 100, which has been like a “yagya”. That’s a ritual in India where a fire is lighted by a priest and all family members make their offerings. How much each one gives is not as important as the participation of every family member.

Just remember, the person who walked in the Lions eye camp gave only ₹17, but according to Mother, he had shared till it hurt him, maybe much more. The Lord would recognise his contribution on a very high pedestal.

We say lions are a family. Will not every lion member participate in this Campaign? You decide how much you could contribute, that’s absolutely upto you, after all, you know best where it begins to hurt. You too could pledge, and you will have 3-5 years to redeem that pledge.

I pause for your reply.



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